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Effortless indulgence with nostalgia for Aldi Specially Selected Christmas

Multi-category seasonal brand development
Aldi Specially Selected Christmas – Effortless indulgence with nostalgia image



Specially Selected Christmas was Aldi’s most luxury festive brand selling a range of new and exciting products in 2023. Our challenge was to elevate the brand, giving shoppers a luxury dining experience. Spanning hundreds of products, the key focus was to create a beautiful illustrative design style and really focus in on the product photography to create a range that feels decadent but paired back at the same time.

What we did

Created a festive tale of past, present, and future, full of tradition, wisdom and opulence, the consumer was taken on a magical journey with a host of characters, each symbolising a different aspect of Christmas. The peacock was enchanting, majestic, and sophisticated and represented the occasion, while the robin symbolised the tradition, optimism, and merriment of the season.

Elevating and refining the design with beautiful illustrations and a limited rich colour palette allowed the range to appeal to a far wider customer base. This allowed customers to achieve a level of luxury within the home without extravagant costs. The range felt premium and looked great in store.


Aldi’s Specially Selected Christmas range has contributed to Aldi’s overall spectacular seasonal performance, where they have recorded their best ever Christmas, with sales topping £1.5 billion for the first time in the four weeks to Christmas Eve and an 8% increase on the same period in 2022.

The supermarket was also named the Christmas Retailer of the Year at the Quality Food Awards 2023 while consumer champion Which? confirmed Aldi was the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket for a typical Christmas shop in 2023.[1]

We wanted to appeal to a far wider customer base by connecting emotionally to the warm sentiment of Christmas. We offered nostalgic cues through the use of the characters who symbolize tradition and merriment to capture the essence of Christmas past, present, and future.

Matt Fish
Senior Designer