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Environmental Policy

Sun Branding is passionate about protecting our planet and actively reducing pollution. We believe in managing our business responsibly, operating fairly and transparently, and expect our business partners and suppliers to do the same.

Packaging is often seen as an unnecessary pollutant, however with sustainability consulting as one of our core functions, we believe we have a responsibility to responsibly educate all stakeholders to collectively make and promote sustainable solutions. Making a real difference needs to start from within and as such, we are constantly exploring and enhancing sustainable solutions and working practices.

Sustainability is embedded into all areas of our business, and we empower every individual to continually look for improvements and communicate our approach externally, to all our stakeholders. Upholding human rights in our business as a minimum and encouraging our supply chain to do the same.

We also instill sustainable performance with our clients to drive our impact, and that of our clients. This approach will help our clients embed a commitment to sustainability into their business, ensuring that project goals are being addressed, encouraging them to explore the possibilities of further sustainability improvements and measure their progress and successes.

Sun Branding is committed to continual improvement to support our environmental commitments.

This will include:

  1. Complying or exceeding all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice, as well as any voluntary commitments, where appropriate
  2. Integration of environmental factors into business decision making
  3. Where possible seek to influence the design and specification of packaging solutions to ensure the environmental impact is minimised as far as reasonably possible
  4. Ensuring considered use of resource of all kinds, including the promotion of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible
  5. Education and training are provided to all employees in environmental activities and how we can all support our clients and stakeholders
  6. Minimise the production of waste, material usage and energy to reduce and / or limit the production of pollutants into our water, land, sea and air
  7. The company’s sustainability performance will be assessed at least annually through management review to ensure continual improvement and compliance to legislation and codes of practice.

Protecting our environment is not only a business obligation but also a personal commitment and makes good commercial sense. Done well, it is not only an investment for today but also for future generations. Therefore, Sun Branding Solutions is firmly committed to adopting this policy to provide a sustainable future for all.

This policy is communicated to all employees and is made available to the wider public upon request. The Management Team will ensure that appropriate resources are available to support our Environmental commitments, will continually look for improvement and attempt at times to achieve our Environmental short, medium and long term goals.

The Managing Director is responsible and accountable for the Environmental Policy and periodic reviews are undertaken as a matter of course.