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Aldi Gastro - Premium ready meals infused with artisanal flair

Brand design and repositioning to reach a wider audience
Aldi Gastro – Premium ready meals infused with artisanal flair image



Gastro, by Specially Selected is the exclusive Aldi brand of chilled luxury gastro pub ready meals. Our challenge was to reposition the brand to reflect a more modern gastro experience, appealing to a wider audience from Millennials to Baby Boomers. The brand needed to offer a true foodie, dine-in experience that helped ease the current cost of living crisis.

What we did

We transformed a dated, out-of-touch design to create a new range of gastro pub ready meals with real food appeal! We developed a brand mark based around the ‘G’ of Gastro, incorporating a waiter’s hand holding a plate, creating a visual connection to the fine dining experience. A key focus was to modernise the photography style to capture a more modern, gastro experience, placing a stronger emphasis on the exceptional quality of the meals.


Modernising and elevating the design, through luxurious, mouth-watering photography has allowed the range to be considered by a much wider audience. Since launch, the range has not only turned heads in-store, but has received rave reviews, resonating with Aldi customers who appreciate the indulgent, convenient dining-in experience combined with Aldi quality and value. Staying in never tasted this good!