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Rolling out refreshment for Tropicana

New look adaptive design & artwork for UK & Irish markets
Rolling out refreshment for Tropicana image
Tropicana Brands Group

Creative – Adaptive


Tropicana was founded on a mission of making the freshest juice available to everyone, with an innovative spirit and fresh thinking approach that was a perfect match for working with Sun and our teams! Tropicana wanted to put fruit back into the heart of their brand, through a distinctive redesign that celebrated their iconic brand and communicates the best quality fruits that go into their products.

Our challenge? To launch the rebrand across UK & Ireland packaging that aligned with the global brand identity. For us, this meant the roll out of adaptive design artwork and repro processes to clearly communicate Tropicana’s values and product offerings to consumers. Our priorities were to protect the Tropicana brand throughout the project, ensuring impact through consistency, and improving efficiency to speed up the launch to market.

What we did

Our teams got to work crafting adaptive design and final print-ready-artwork for a wide range of Tropicana products, as part of the UK & Ireland Ambient and Chilled rebrand. This included adaptive rollout for various packaging formats and sizes including take-home cartons and single-serve bottles to appeal to diverse customer preferences and meet evolving market needs. We adapted the design elements to suit each individual format, yet maintained brand consistency and impact across the wider range.

Using our artwork management software e-flow, we managed stakeholder approvals and communications to create versatile and eye-catching print-ready-artwork, ensuring the transition to the  new brand identity achieved key milestones and launch dates.


The collaboration between ourselves, Tropicana and their strategic agency Sunhouse Creative Ltd  has resulted in the successful launch of 45 SKUs across multiple formats for the UK & Ireland market. Thanks to effective teamwork and strategic execution, we exceeded expectations and have strengthened our relationship, setting the stage for continued growth and success.

After effectively rolling out Tropicana’s rebrand to the UK & Irish markets, we look forward to further opportunities to support Tropicana and their future growth plans. We love growing high performing brands and for Tropicana, making every sip count!

Kevin McAulay
Business Development Director