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Making Parent's Choice the right choice

Brand repositioning and redesign
Making Parent’s Choice the right choice image
Walmart USA



Baby brands are all about trust and engagement. Walmart’s extensive portfolio brand; Parent’s Choice had previously delivered functionally but not emotionally. Following consumer insights and value shifts from individual product needs to building a community, the brand desperately needed re-positioning. The brand needed to evoke a real emotional connection and tell a meaningful story, reflecting the strong bond between parent and baby.

What we did

Our new brand positioning “Nature Nurture” reflects the shift in modern parenting, from products that are prescriptive to a brand that is warm and enabling; providing individual support and guidance, like a trusted friend. The design combines a strong family narrative with an engaging illustrative signature, balanced with authoritative expertise and product reassurance to make Parent’s Choice the choice for parents.


Effective brand repositioning and new Brand World creation with clear brand portfolio navigation and tiering. The new re-brand was so well trusted by parents that it enabled development into other highly emotional areas such as food, with absolute confidence.

Our work on Parent’s Choice has been integral in supporting Walmart with their 2025 Sustainability Pledge; not only did we advise on their future direction but also on their implementation strategy, facilitating their internal Sustainable Packaging Conference in Bentonville.