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Resetting the reasons to believe for Rachel's Organic

Complete brand review and refresh
Resetting the reasons to believe for Rachel’s Organic image
Rachel’s Organic


The Challenge

Aggressive competition and a shift in consumer attitudes had gradually eroded Rachel’s brand space and weakened its authority and appeal. We needed to redefine and strengthen its position and develop a stronger connection with consumers in a highly competitive dairy aisle.

What we did

We worked with the Rachel’s team to understand their unique history to create an ownable, distinctive brand narrative of “Faithful to Nature”. We stayed true to the core credentials known and loved by existing consumers with a design that delivered a far stronger value proposition. We crafted an authentic design that communicated the rich heritage, highlighted the natural, quality organic ingredients and original pioneering spirit.


Rachel’s is now in a stronger position with solid listings and growing market share, reversing their previous sales slump. Our ‘Faithful to Nature’ brand development work received further client investment and support with a £1m media campaign.

Makes you feel good about buying Rachel’s when you know they share your values by supporting local farmers and caring about the environment.

Rachel’s Organic consumer,