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Accelerating the product launch for a leading Canadian retailer

Providing a 360° system integration solution
A large North American retailer

Technology – e flow


A large retailer with more than 2,400 stores, needed a fully integrated artwork management solution to fit into their existing infrastructure in order better connect product and packaging development.

The incumbent stand-alone artwork management solution had been in place for more than 15 years. Our client wanted to gain efficiencies by integrating with their PLM, and had designed hundreds of user requirements needed for a newly integrated system.

What we did

We recommended a phased approach, with e-flow’s flexible workflows initially simulating the previous processes to help with user adoption and familiarity. As experience with e-flow grew, the client required additional functionality, which was implemented through phased delivery using agile project management methodologies.


In just 3 months, e-flow was fully operational and integrated with no disruption to business. Additional functionality answering the majority of the original user requirements was completed within 12 months, resulting in a reduction of more than 3 weeks from the average critical path.

Our client is one of the largest food distributors in North America, offering a vast range of shopping formats and product lines, employing over 190,000 people. The need for a fully integrated system suitable for hundreds of users to be implemented quickly and efficiently was a key requirement…and we did that in just 12 weeks.

Jane Ireland
e-flow Product Owner