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Keeping pace with UK retail

Legal teamwork with one of the biggest grocers
Keeping pace with UK retail image
One of the biggest
UK retailers

Legal – Compliance
Legal – Consultancy


With a huge number of legislative changes taking place in close quarter, this client needed our support to ensure that the day to day was looked after whilst they focused on key regulation implementation and delivery.

What we did

We built an overflow capability, providing dedicated resource to cover pack copy approval, artwork approval and ad-hoc consultancy advice. In order to make this partnership a success, we made it our mission to really understand their policies, systems and culture, what makes this business tick. We forged great relationships based on trust and results.


In the last 12 months:

  • We’ve delivered over 3000 pack copy approvals
  • We’ve delivered over 8000 artworks approvals
  • A trusted partnership that has resulted in further dedicated resource being requested

I experience the challenges the team faces each day because I’m sitting alongside them, I’m part of the team. We’re working with big volumes and at a fast pace, yet we ensure their brand and their customers are protected.

Alison Sharper,
Senior Regulatory Advisor