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Getting to the heart of the challenge

From niche player to multi-category brand champion
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Identifying the big behaviour shifts within health and wellness to re-define the brand’s purpose and create an empowering “naturally good” design positioning; making Kirsty’s the no. 1 choice free-from brand in chilled and frozen.

What we did

We created an empowering design idea that puts “Thoughtful Food” at the heart of the brand with distinctive nutritional and allergen-free iconography that helps the consumer make the right “thoughtful” food choices with no compromise on taste – making healthy eating easy.


Kirsty’s shifted from a specifically free-from range of products to a positive well-being brand for everyone, with increased retailer listings across different categories from chilled ready meals to frozen pizzas, mini-meals and desserts.

They really understood the challenges and complexities of our business and worked so collaboratively with us, using a design strategy that made it feel like getting to the right answers was easy.

Natalie Parker
Marketing Manager

The resulting pack designs and brand positioning are impactful and distinctive but more importantly they effectively address our business challenges and remove barriers to growth.