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Our new-generation intelligent technology

Supporting client growth and increasing their speed to market
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Offering cloud based technology to help our clients thrive

Over recent years we’ve walked side-by-side with our clients as they battled with unforeseen and unpredictable forces across their entire retail ecosystems, struggling to adapt, evolve and survive in very difficult circumstances. Unprecedented shifts in retail trends such as the exponential rise of e-commerce and omnichannel, changing consumer behaviour and growing supply chain complexity have left many reeling but at Sun Branding we’ve been busy developing industry leading, cloud based technology to offer solutions to help our clients not only survive, but to go on to thrive.

By 2025, Gartner estimates that over 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms, up from 30% in 2021. [1]

It has been our firm belief that businesses need to embrace new-generation technology in order to thrive and this is a view shared by Consultants McKinsey & Company in their published paper, The Tech Transformation Imperative in Retail [2].

Whilst evidence mounts for the imperative to overhaul existing tech architecture and operating models, brands and retailers are still struggling to know how best to transition without causing further chaos. McKinsey & Company has identified 6 primary pillars for a holistic technology transformation and urges businesses to coordinate efforts across all 6 for maximum effect.

Our e-suite of proprietary technology has been specifically developed over the last few years to help brands and retailers transform their IT solutions from passé to cutting-edge. Sun Branding offers an ecosystem of highly integrated automated solutions that seamlessly bring together product-led operating models with the benefits of data-driven, flexible, scalable, and modular tech architecture.

Retailers that commit to a radical transformation of their tech function can both spark growth and increase performance. [2]

It is now widely accepted that next-generation retail architecture needs to be fully omnichannel, powered by data and highly modular. We are busy helping our clients transform so they can take advantage of transformational technology and the opportunities it unlocks.

For example, e-volve is powerful tech that uses integrated automation with PLM’s to create packaging artwork from a master SKU; it removes risk, saves money, slashes timelines and delivers hyper-responsive packaging at the touch of a button. Similarly, data underpins all our e-suite, real-time data is gathered automatically from touch points across our entire tech ecosystem and fed back to underpin and shape decision making. Specifically, e-sight gives clients powerful business analytics and insights throughout the product development critical path delivering complete transparency to assist with rapid process improvements, reducing costs, rework and delivery times. e-flow is an automated workflow solution which collects product data and content, drives packaging artwork development whilst allowing for data and asset reuse across multiple channels that provides clients with the ability to realise their end to end NPD process in highly customisable workflows. e-flow is front end configurable and based on modern scalable cloud technology.

Our entire Technology Ecosystem is designed to wrap around your business and support your goals. It is modular and adaptable to your needs and it is easily integrated with existing systems. Our intelligent tech is enabling businesses to develop and manage product-led business capabilities and develop and nurture talent through end-to-end automation. We are transforming the packaging operations of many businesses including some Global mega-retailers.

Not only are we helping them advance from out-dated systems that are hindering progress, but we are also helping them save money, time and hassle by reducing material costs, reducing lead times, reducing shipping costs, reducing carbon footprints and reducing risk.


In short, our new-generation intelligent technology is supporting the growth of our clients and significantly increasing their speed to market in the most transparent and cost effective way.

[1] Gartner – Cloud will be the centrepiece of new digital experiences
[2] McKinsey – The tech transformation imperative in retail

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