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Our new US HQ in Bentonville's vibrant hub

Central to our growth strategy in the US
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March 2024

With continued investment globally including our US operations, our latest strategic move is the relocation to a brand-new Central US HQ. Located in the bustling area of town, our US team are settling in to downtown Bentonville.

Samantha Lee, our US Client Director shares more about our new location and what this is already bringing to our teams and clients.

Bentonville… a creative cultural hub

Bentonville is the fifth fastest-growing city in the US and we’ve had a Sun team here for over 17 years. Once a sleepy Arkansas town, it’s transformed into a bustling centre of commerce and culture, home to multiple global brands such as Walmart, Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt. Our new location allows us to be closer to one of our biggest clients and on the doorstep for US and national brands alike.

At the heart of the Sun Branding business is our people, so we wanted to create a workspace they love. Seeing their desire to come into the studio is inspiring. Re-socialization after the Pandemic was a key factor to the success of this space.

A space to get our creative juices flowing

There’s no constraints in our new place, it’s a cool, charming space we enjoy working in, free from barriers and confining cubicles. Our work areas are now open plan, flooded with natural light and situated in a creative, innovative part of town suits our values. Here, we’re not only privy to conversations, but also openly sharing in a vibrant atmosphere that promotes excellent cross-functional interactions. There’s a buzz about the place!

A space to express our values

Sun Branding US is confident, warm and friendly, with great integrity. Our aim was to create a space that truly reflects these values, through warm wooden floors, exposed brick walls, vintage lighting and expansive store front windows, that entice passers-by to drop-in. We’ve designed the space to  integrate natural elements, materials and textures, contrasting industrial pieces with splashes of our brand colours.  The final touches were some lush greenery and dedicated recycling carts to showcase our commitment to sustainability.

It’s been heart-warming to watch people coming together to improve processes and ways of working and driving change in our new office, enjoying greater engagement together.

A space to collaborate

Communication and teamwork are key to all our services, but we also want to maintain every benefit from working remotely. While we can work from anywhere in the US, our office is designed to be welcoming and open for all. That means we can seamlessly flex our space to handle strategic planning, creative development, presentations, meetings, collaborative sessions, workshops, events, project updates, range reviews and colour analysis. So if you need any of these you know where to come.

A full team of eclectic experts

Our new office houses an eclectic mix of brand packaging experts coming together, from creatives to legal, tech developers to colour experts, project managers and strategic thinkers, blending whole brain thinking, all under the Sun Branding roof. One big, unique team of Brand Catalysts, supported by our Global network that includes our UK HQ, and two India studios in Chennai and Bangalore.

If you’re a US brand or retailer and you’d like to explore how our team of Brand Catalysts can help you grow your brand, you know where to come (111 W Central Avenue, Bentonville, AR 72712). We’d love you to get in touch or if you’re in Arkansas come on in and see us!

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