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Key product legislation you need to know

Legal Horizon Scanning report out now!
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In the ever-changing regulatory arena, over the last few months there have been several key developments at both EU, UK and Irish level . The latest edition of our team’s Horizon Scanning report discusses recent proposals and new legislation which may impact your food or drink business.

Our latest Horizon Scanning report summarises the legal landcape. One point of reference, one source to keep you and your teams up-to-date.

In our latest report, you can read about the Windsor Framework Agreement of new rules impacting the movement of certain goods from the UK nations to Northern Ireland,  the Genetic Technology Precision Breeding Act that was passed into law ealier this year, through to new rules around product safety legislation and key changes around safety obligations for online marketplaces…we pull together the main developments you need to know about:

  • News on current and upcoming product legislation.
  • Food and non-food sectors.
  • UK, EU and Irish markets.
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