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Jason Phillip: Brand designer by day, Album artist by night

How our very own UK designer rocks both worlds
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April 2024

Jason Phillip, our talented designer based in our UK HQ, works with global clients creating brilliant brands and packaging, however his creativity doesn’t stop when he leaves the studio. Out of hours, Jason emerges as a remarkably gifted artist, engaging in projects that extend his influence and showcase his versatility.

Recently, Jason’s artistic talent gained recognition on a prestigious platform, the Secret 7” project—an anonymous charity record sale, drawing entries from thousands of artists worldwide. His submission not only stood out among the vast pool of creative entries but also earned a spot among the final 700 chosen pieces. This selection placed him in the company of illustrious British talents such as Tacita Dean, fashion designer Paul Smith, and iconic photographer Rankin, to name a few.

I’ve been inspired by Secret 7” since its formation, being a designer and an avid art follower in my spare time, I decided to take the plunge and submit my artwork this year. I was delighted to be selected as one of the final 700 artists.

Jason Phillip

What is Secret 7″

If you haven’t heard of Secret 7”, it’s a big deal. Running from 2012 – 2020, the original Secret 7” project captured the imaginations of record collectors and art connoisseurs alike by bringing the two artforms together with the help of a surprise element.

Secret 7” takes 7 tracks from 7 musicians and presses each one 100 times onto 7” vinyl. Creatives from around the world (from famous artists to unknown newcomers) are then invited to submit artwork for the vinyl sleeves which are then exhibited at NOW Gallery, London before being auctioned. The visual artist and track are a mystery until the record is sold.

The 2024 edition of Secret 7” brought together a diverse group of creatives, including Jason, to design unique vinyl sleeves for tracks by artists like Celeste, Aurora, Paul McCartney, and The Chemical Brothers, among others. The project’s relaunch by War Child aims to build a safer future for children affected by conflict, a mission Jason is incredibly proud to support.

Jason Phillip: Brand designer by day, Album artist by night image

Jason’s inspiration

After listening to all the tracks, Jason chose The Specials. The underlying message of the single ‘We Sell Hope’, is “To respect people, and be kind to people, and hope that they give it back”.

Jason’s artwork, inspired by the track, visually represents the hope for this reality through dandelions, a well-known symbol that also connotes resilience and healing.

Jason’s artwork

Within The Specials lyrics there is a common political theme which inspired the colour scheme that exudes a sense of urgency, while incorporating the universal symbol for currency (¤) into the dandelion seeds as a subtle nod to the title. The hope is that these seeds of respect and kindness will root themselves into society and grow, transforming the world into “a beautiful place to live in”.

Jason Phillip: Brand designer by day, Album artist by night image

The expo in all its glory

Jason visited the NOW gallery to see all of the 700 shortlisted pieces and was blown away by how different global artists approached the same brief, and created such varied and stunning results.
The exhibition was a true representation of creative diversity and individual expression.

I spent time searching for hidden gems and symbolisms within the artworks, speculating why certain approaches were used, admiring the vast array of styles and skills amongst the creators. Such an inspiring exhibition.

Jason Phillip

A proud achievement

Jason’s takeaway? It’s amazing to be part of something so big and meaningful. The 2024 Secret 7” project has raised an incredible £210,000 for War Child UK,  making it all the more rewarding to contribute to its success. Congratulations to all those involved and a huge thank you to the organisers at Secret 7″ and NOW gallery.

So, there you have it. Jason Phillip: our designer by day, artist by heart, and now, a proud participant in an art event that’s all about giving back.

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